lu-man’s mission in life: to not be carried + how jongin deals with it

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sm: due to *spins colorful wheel* scheduling conflicts, *throws a dart at board* shinee’s minho *picks card* was uninvited to our birthday party?

party hard with Baekhyun ┐(・。・┐) ♪

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can we smuggle shinee out of sm before they get hurt too

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and you can't argue with that

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Fan fiction with fluff: Read in the corner of your bed with all the lights off at midnight while you giggle and blush
Fan fiction with smut: Read in very public places or with family with a perfectly straight face

kyungsoo’s sex hair

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kyungsoo's sexy body wave (^O^)/
kyungsoo's sexy body wave (^O^)/

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I always wonder how many times Travis Willingham had to practice before he was able to rap the whole thing without dying of laughter.

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chen dragging his hand up his crotch and then there’s kyungsoo….

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